About us


Frosty Chainz was created to give individuals of all backgrounds and attributes the opportunity to wear luxurious handmade accessories at reasonable prices. We understand that everyone has their preferences for lifestyles and fashion. Frosty Chainz thrives on being able to provide each loyal customer with products no matter who they are. We are proud of having athletes, teachers, artists, business men and women, and normal everyday individuals like most of us, rep our jewelry!

Most chains that are sold at our prices are made of cheap metals in 3rd world countries. The quality is poor and inconsistent. Not to mention the shipping times are crazy long, and doe times can take months t receive. Frosty Chainz necklaces, bracelets, and pendants are handmade with extraordinary stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, and jewels gathered from recycled materials from all around the world! We can create a luxurious, and timeless piece that will last a lifetime while also cutting down on usage and supporting sustainability! 

Frosty Chainz is located and operated in Kimberly, Wisconsin. Our goal is to see our customer's satisfaction by showing off their new chain, bracelet, or pendants. We are committed to providing our loyal customers with 100% satisfaction and quality.

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